Dr. Joy Rasmussen


Dr. Rasmussen has long been working with the power of Focused Manifestation and how we impact our future by the thoughts and actions we undertake today...either through observation or deliberate creation.

In 1977 Dr. Rasmussen graduated with a degree in Psychology spending the last two years of her academic c
areer pursuing clinical hypnosis and altered states of consciousness. During her final year at the university, she traveled to the Island of St. Thomas to further explore the work of Dr. John Lilly.

It was from these beginnings that her passion for the subconscious and the power of the individual to create and manifest their future took root.

Dr. Rasmussen opened Serendipitous Creations, a school of hypnosis and regressive therapy in 1979. She pursued her own clinical practice while studying with and using the techniques of Dick Sutphen, Carl Simonton, Brugh Joy, Norman Vincent Peal, Napoleon Hill, Edgar Cayce, Michael Francis, Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Jose Silva, Adelaide Bry, Edith Fiore and more.

In 1980, Dr. Rasmussen utilized the techniques she taught to create a national sales organization with $1.5 million in sales within 2 years.

Your Place, A Club For Women Only, was opened in 1982 as a New Age Health Club for women. Your Place provided an environment and experiences where women could tap their unlimited potential for success and realize the attainment of their personal and professional goals.

Dr. Rasmussen believes the subconscious mind is like the scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. It is our responsibility as the 'surgeon' to become proficient in it's use and wield it with exact precision, FOCUSED on our goal, and believing in our ability to attain whatever we see, and believe to be ours.

It is Dr. Rasmussen's personal and professional passion to share this potential of creating our futures with those seeking to discover their own powerful ability to be deliberate creators. She created the FOCUS TAPES™ to be an adventure of discovery, of opening doors, of crossing bridges, and of imagining your way into the future of your dreams.

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