LET IT IN! 


Side A
For each FOCUS TAPE™ topic, side A explains the best use and application of Side B in accomplishing your desired goal.

Side B
This is the FOCUS side of the tape.
For each topic there will be a different
FOCUS SESSION using images, impressions, experiences and feelings combined with periods of quiet music where you can embellish, deepen and personalize your FOCUS to reflect your deepest desires.

Select from the
FOCUS TAPE™ titles below.
FOCUS TAPE™ is complete unto itself and comes with instructions for the best possible use in accomplishing your goal.


There is an innate force within you which is constantly directing your body to the most perfect expression of health available to you.  You have a cell memory of dynamic and vital health.  If your body isn't responding with health and wellness, it's time to REFOCUS...shift a pattern of illness into an experience of wellness.  If you are not experiencing the radiant health and vitality which you know is possible, you can FOCUS your creative intelligence and RECLAIM what is yours.  LET IT IN!  You have a right to live life to the fullest, feeling strong and connected to your source energy, excited to greet each new day with anticipation and joy.
FOCUSED HEALTH© can awaken that cell memory, FOCUS your awareness on the expressions of total health, allowing your body to return to a natural homeostasis and balanced state of health.
Focused Health©  $9.95
We've grown up being told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Did you ever stop to think that you are the one who must behold your own beauty before others will be able to see it?  
Do you love your appearance, your body, your hair, your face, your skin....etc?  
Do you puzzle at your efforts to create change?  Have your tried diets, hairstyles, makeup, exercise?  
But here you are again?
Isn't it time you started FOCUSING on images of yourself which celebrate the wonder and uniqueness of YOU!
Perhaps its time you started from the inside... moving to the outside?  Wouldn't you love to look in the mirror and feel proud as you look at that face smiling back at you?  LET IT IN! 
Imagine walking into a room standing tall, feeling confident and enjoying being noticed.
RECLAIM a sense of personal power which comes from knowing you are loved, respected, honored and liked by the person who counts the most...YOU!!
All this and more is possible with FOCUSED BEAUTY©!
Focused Beauty©   $9.95
Do you believe that we live in a world of riches?
Is there enough for everyone?  Can you have what you want?  Do you deserve the dreams, desires and goals which inspire you?
DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH?  Is 'more-than-enough' okay?  
How you answered those questions tells a lot about how your subconscious and the images you hold, create your world.
Wouldn't you like to remove any governors, any limitations, any old and out-dated beliefs, any habits of thought which might be preventing you from CLAIMING your own ABUNDANCE.
Taking time each day to FOCUS your creative imagination on new possibilities, images which are rich in substance, form and emotion...such FOCUS will begin to reshape your deepest core beliefs and allow a FLOW of abundance to begin pouring into your life.   LET IT IN!  
Are you ready?
Such a simple process.  
Begin TODAY shaping the manifestation of TOMORROW!
Focused Abundance©   $9.95
Network Marketing, MLM, is a profession which REQUIRES the ability to FOCUS and direct your creative intelligence towards goals, images, hopes, dreams desires and possibilities.  There is no more exciting business in America, a true "Gold Rush" of the 20th Century, while there is also no other profession which challenges our deepest beliefs about ourselves and what we deserve.  You MUST be willing to break habits of thought.  You MUST be prepared to face the hidden thought processes which limit your chance to BREAK FREE from what was and stake a CLAIM on what will be!
The Focused Networking© tapes are rich in imagery, projections for the future, expressed in the NOW!  These tapes are perfect for whole organizations to FOCUS the entire group on a single and powerful goal.
There are FOCUS TAPES already prepared for several Network Marketing Companies.  Email to find out if your company is included.
If you would like a custom tape created specifically for your downline, Email for details.  Custom FOCUS TAPES are powerful tools for uniting a group for a common goal.  Details are available.
Focused Networking©   $9.95

Bulk discounts available.
If you have any Questions, Email Dr. Joy directly.
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