You are a powerful creator.

It is now, and has always been, up to you how that powerful act of creating manifests itself in your life, for there are two basic patterns which determine how your future unfolds and whether it is a future to celebrate or mourn.

The power of OBSERVATION.
This form of creation is an unconscious pattern. It is occurring as we speak. It is occurring as you FOCUS and look around at your home, your work, your family, your life....and as you experience the feelings these observations evoke within you.

The power of observation is the means by which most people co-create their futures. When you create your future through the power of observation, you can only hope that what you are observing in the moment is something you want more of in the future. Even if what you are observing, you resist, it will be that observable reality which manifests as your future experience.

The power of imagination is the ability to FOCUS your attention, to create with your INNER EYE, an observable, emotional future which is full of the events, experiences, possessions, people and FEELINGS which you want for yourself and your family.

By FOCUSING your attention clearly, vividly, passionately, believably and imaginatively, you have the power to create a future which can be different than what you experience in your present reality. A future which looks and feels like the life you want to lead. Since you are creating this future, you may also include elements of our present experience which you want to bring forward as part of your deliberately created future experience.

This is YOUR LIFE!
Don't waste a moment of it observing and lamenting what you don't have when you can FOCUS and DELIBERATELY create that which you want and know can be yours!!

STEP OUT IN BOLDNESS!! RECLAIM all that you have ever desired, wanted or knew you could achieve.
You have a right to experience all the bounty, abundance and love which you desire.